Surfrider CEO gives everyone the day off for ISD

Wednesday, June 20 marks the eighth annual International Surfing Day, a day when “surfers and surf enthusiasts from all over the globe have an opportunity to come together in celebration of the great sport of surfing,” according to the San Clemente-based Surfrider Foundation. Heavy shredders are encouraged to hit the waves on this celebratory day, and Surfrider’s own CEO has taken it upon himself to excuse you all from work.

CEO Jim Moriarty penned a rather convincing permission slip for any and all surfers to complete and hand to their bosses on or before June 20. Personally granting the employee “permission to call in sick on June 20th off and go surfing,” Moriarty also recommends that the boss, too, “take this day off and go surfing.” Check out the letter in its entirety below.



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